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Beväge™ FAQ


Can I use it on any liquid in addition to wines, spirits, and juices? We're glad you asked! Yes, It certainly works with any wine (white, rosé and red) and all spirits including Whiskey, Tequila, Vodka, Brandy, Cognac, etc. as well as all other spirits. Beverages such as Juices, kombucha and vinegars also are smoother, more flavorful and taste better! Experiment and you'll see it makes all the difference in taste! We advise avoiding highly viscous liquids such as smoothies and shake since they can inhibit the S-Velocity spinner from rotating and achieving Optimum Speed Rotation (OSR)™.

Can I fill up the entire Beväge™ Decanter with my beverage?  We strongly advise filling the proprietary Beväge™ 750 ml (or optional *375 ml) glass decanter only up to the “Max” fill line. (This is just below the Beväge™ logo etched/printed on the glass decanter - see users guide for exact the exact location.) If you fill higher than this level, it may affect the recommended time guide suggestions since the Optimum Speed Rotation (OSR)™ will not be obtained due to the added liquid weight and the reduced oxygen availability inside the decanter.

Once I’ve Beväged™ my beverage of choice and it’s not completely finished, do I have to Beväge™ it again when I am ready to drink it the next time?  No. Should a wine, spirit or beverage in the proprietary Beväge™ decanter not be fully consumed, the user can place its airtight glass stopper (included) on top of the Beväge™ glass decanter for interim storage. It's highly advised that opened wines and beverages which have been aged, decanted and beväged™ be refrigerated to extend their maximum drinkable shelf life. Red wines last not more than 1-2 days and white wines not more than 5-6 days (typically, depending on the age of the wine). Spirits do not require refrigeration.

Can I use the Beväge™ Pro Decanter without the Beväge™ Pro base unit and can I use another decanter on Beväge™?  Beväge™ has patented technologies that only work optimally when the Beväge™ Pro base unit and the Beväge™ proprietary 750 ml and 375 ml glass decanters are used together. Only glass decanters manufactured by Beväge™ deliver optimum results since ALL OTHER DECANTERS LACK our proprietary patented S-Velocity spinner. Our Proprietary Beväge™ glass decanter can be used as a stand-alone decanter but will not deliver the optimum and expected enhanced tasting results which occur only when using the Beväge™ Pro base with the Proprietary Beväge™ glass decanter.

Should I leave the Airtight Glass Stopper on, or off when Beväging™?  Although it will not cause any harm, we highly advise leaving the glass stopper off so there is an optimum airflow into the decanter for your beverage of choice while beväging™. The Airtight Glass Stopper is placed on top of the Beväge™ Proprietary decanter.

When should I use the sediment screen/cork catcher™?  The Super fine Sediment Screen/Cork Catcher™ is used by placing it on top of the Beväge™ Proprietary decanter before pouring older wines or liquids with sediment (or a broken cork) to prevent them from getting into your beverage.

Can I use a USB fast charger with the Beväge™ Pro base?  DO NOT USE with a Fast-Charge USB-C Adapter. Beväge™ Pro comes with a USB TYPE-A to USB-C cable and works with any USB TYPE-A power Adapter. Non-warranty damage will occur with risk of fire. If the USB TYPE-A to USB-C cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent, or similarly qualified persons to avoid a hazard. Before operating, ensure the USB TYPE-A to USB-C cable is in perfect condition.

How do I use the Measuring Marks on the Beväge™ Pro proprietary decanter?  These measuring marks can be used to measure any pour into your proprietary Beväge™ decanter. They are round circles with two wings and are directly below the etched/printed Beväge™ logo on the Beväge™ Pro decanter. On the 750 ml glass decanter the measuring marks show fill levels for 750 ml, 12oz, 8 oz., 6 oz., and 4 oz. On the 375 ml glass decanter the measuring marks show fills for 375 ml, 8 oz., 6 oz., and 4 oz (see owners manual for additional clarity on what these images look like).

How do I slow the Beväge™ Pro spinning speed to use with carbonated beverages?  Carbonated drinks such as champagne, soda, kombucha, or beer require slowing the rotational spin speed so that carbonation levels remain close to their original levels. Slowing the Spinning Speed: To enable this slower speed: Enter the preferred/desired time and once the rotation has started, press, and hold the (-) minus button for 1 to 2 seconds. A minus symbol will appear in the top right of the backlit LCD screen. To return to the standard rotational speed; once the preferred time is entered and the rotation has started, press and hold the (+) plus button for 1 to 2 seconds and the minus symbol (-) will disappear from the top right of the backlit LCD screen.

How do I turn the countdown timer off, so there is no sound on completion? Muting the 30 second Completion Tone...  After entering the preferred/desired time of use and rotation engages, tap the reset button and hold for 3 to 4 seconds. A speaker symbol with a vertical line will disappear in the top left of the backlit LCD confirming the completion tone is now off: the completion tone will remain silenced until this process is repeated.

What is the noise that I hear when using Beväge™? Is this normal?  You may observe a noise that comes from spinning - but is intentional. This noise is a part of the design to obtain the optimal spin with maximum vortex when using Beväge™.

How do I store the centering ring that is included with the 375 ml Decanter in my Carrying Case?  You will find a centering ring in your Beväge™ Pro Unit that is used to support the base of the optional 375 ml Decanter. When storing this in the Beväge™ Carrying Case, we recommend gently placing the ring over the neck of the 375 ml decanter and then placing it into the Carry Case. Do not fold the 375 ml Ring in the case as damage will occur to the ring over time. (375 ml Decanter and Beväge™ Carrying Case sold separately)